Welcome to your perfect Kiting Destination

Boracay is known as the best Kiteboarding Location in Asia and also one of the most famous in the World!

Here you are able to enjoy Kiteboarding almost all Year long.

Bulabog Beach or so-called Boracay’s “Back Beach” has a perfect shallow blue Waters, strong Winds and a Reef making it an optimal Place to learn and enjoy Kiteboarding during the Amihan Season (OCT – APR)! And when the Habagad season comes,  you will find enough options for your Kiting Pleasures on the most beautiful Beach in Asia – the famous White Beach (MAY – SEP).

So prepare your Kite and take Control of the Wind, as you enjoy cruising along the Surface of the tropical Waters! What else could you wish for, when you have it all –  Freedom, Speed, Adrenaline, fresh Air, Friends  and a lot of Fun!

Kite Divine – as You were Born to Shine
And You deserve nothing less – but the Best!


Want a thrilling Day on the Sea?

Try Kiteboarding!



have Fun flying the Trainer Kite, explore and learn the Theory of the “Wind Window”. You should get comfortable flying a bigger Kite on the Water, by the end of this Course. Welcome to the first Stage in completing the full IKO Course!

PRICE: from 60 EUR per Person


PRIVATE Class: 1,5 hours

GROUP Class: 2 hours



this Course starts of as the Kiteflying Instruction, focusing on Exercises like Body Dragging, up Wind Body Dragging, Water Relaunching and Self Rescue.

PRICE: from 130 EUR per Person


PRIVATE Class: 3 hours

GROUP Class: 4 hours



the Goal of this Course is to get you up on Board while flying a Kite, positioning the Board, making the Powerstroke, getting up, control your Speed and stay up Wind.

PRICE: from 130 EUR per Person


PRIVATE Class: 3 hours

GROUP Class: 4 hours



on your 3rd Level we will focus on using your Kiteflying Skills, to get you up on the Board and making Transitions (changing Directions). At the end of the Course, you are expected to be an independent Kiteboarder.

PRICE: from 130 EUR per Person


PRIVATE Class: 3 hours

GROUP Class: 4 hours


IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) FULL COURSE:

this Course is designed to those who are determined to be a Kiteboarders. From Day 1, as a Beginner, up to the 3rd Level, when you are expected to ride a Board on your own.

PRICE: from 380 EUR per Person


PRIVATE Course: 9 hours

GROUP Course: 12 hours


 All Prices include:

  • Lesson with Instructor per Level
  • Rental of appropriate professional Kite, Board, Lines and Bar, Harness and Wetsuit
  • Optional Life Jacket and
  • Personal Coordinator


Enjoy KITING and private YOGA Session with your Instructor.

Private Yoga Class: -50% DISCOUNT


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