09 Mar

Every End is a New Beginning

Well, my dear Friends…
Let me reveal 2 little SECRETS to all of You – today, as it is a very special – exactly 1234th Day of my amazing “Asian Adventure FarFarFar away from Home” 🙂

Wellll – I kissed GOODBYE my dear Boracay some days ago!
Whatever HAPPENED there, will STAY there – 4Ever…

I am endless GRATEFUL for almost 4 unforgettable Years, which I mostly spent in the Philippines. I can easily say that the magical Island of Boracay became my 2nd HOME, since I’ve first visited it in March 2013. I simply felt that “This is iT”! The CALL of my Heart was so strong, that I could not possibly resist! So I rushed back to Slovenia, packed my OLD Life into boxes, grabbed my beloved Man and returned to my EDEN at the End of the same Year.

OMG! There is sooo many, absolutely crazy STORIES 2 tell! You can imagine, if you know me a bit… So many things happened during that time, that I could easily write a Novel 🙂

Yes, we surely did make our DREAMS come true… We opened our romantic RESTAURANT “Sea Gaia Supreme Lounge”, wright in the Heart of the famous White Beach. We celebrated Life and cherished our magical Moments in exotic Paradise, danced all nights long, loved and enjoyed pure HEDONISM – ALSO, but not ONLY…
Oh no, we also survived all tropical Storms, Monsoons & real Typhoons, even cried and were fighting for our Place under the Sun daily… But you can believe me that it is much easier to fight Demons in the Paradise, surrounded by Angels, than Elsewhere… So – Thank You, my dear Boracay Angels! Maraming, maraming Salamat Po! I could not do it without You!

The 3rd World we were living in was simply PERFECT for me – rough and also gentle enough that I was easily able to realise any Idea that came into my Mind. I was managing the Restaurant with my beloved One with all my Passion, then I started to create Activities & Events that I was missing on the Island and was hosting more than 300 Guests from all over the Globe – BIG Thanks to all of You, Guys! And this is not all – energetic as I am, I developed Divine Line of Coconut Products and later on was even managing a smaller hotel, a lovely Villa in Boracay…
It really was just like in a FAIRY TALE 🙂 It was sooo wonderful, that I started even dreaming – about a White*White*Wedding on the White Beach, about creating a Family…

BUT when I woke up, I suddenly realised that I am all ALONE and I have all the FREEDOM of this World… It was only my faithful Doggy Bobsy beside me, full of unconditional Love, following every step I made… I love this Dog! Will try to bring him to Slovenia – of course I will! Ahhh!

The Space around me was suddenly so huge and dark, that it seemed even scary… Yes, I was aware of my strong Body & Mind before, but did not have a clue about my Spirit! And soon after I “Touched the Bottom”, I found it – the KEY of the 3rd Door, that I kind of ignored before, but it opened – my SOUL! Thank You Gods! Thank You for the Wisdom & Experience!

Now I know that this was the REAL Reason for me to come so FAR, to the END of the World – to discover YOGA and to fall in LOVE with the spiritual Path I was led into by practising it daily… But when I say far, I mean even further, as I started even TEACHING Yoga. I was able to hold up to 5 Sessions every Day, for more than a Year – Yogis will know what it means.

I had classes at the most beautiful SPA STUDIO in Boracay – The Mandala Shala, then BEACH Yoga Sessions, which were upgraded into SUP “Paddle Board Yoga Classes” and for the end I dedicated my self to many PRIVATE Sessions & Divine YOGA Packages, created by Guest’s personal Wishes… Namaste Boracay! My mission there is COMPLETED 4 Now.

And here I am, yours Divine YOGA Teacher – completely reborn and more than ready to move ON, to CONTINUE my Journey around Asia… I believe, that we are not Humans on the spiritual Journey – but a spiritual Beings on a human Journey… Therefore I will stay faithful 2 Myself and keep following my PASSION, as it is also my MISSION!

I desire to know *Everything about Yoga, I simply ADORE this healthy approach & philosophy of Life! I am READY to learn from the real GURUS who can be found only in Mama INDIA!
And of course – I will keep spreading my positive VIBES by teaching iT. So simple & so beautiful 🙂

Sooo… HEY! YOU, my dear Friend – Head UP, smile ON and NEVER 4Get, that: “You are DIVINE – You were born 2 SHINE! And You deserve nothing less – but The BEST!“
But also – please, swallow Your Pride occasionally – it is very healthy and completely Non*Fattening 😉


Oh, and my 2nd little SECRET for You –

sLOVEnia, see You in July 🙂

Faithfully Yours, Ms. D.


08 Aug

My Story – or Who am I, celebrating 666th devilishly good Filipino Day today!?

Life is an amazing Journey, my dear Friends. It is full of Magic, Love, Smiles, Excitements and unforgettable Experiences – but only if we choose so. We are the Creators of our Lives, this is what I can say for sure…

Oh, sorry – let me be polite and introduce Myself to You first 🙂

My name is Darya (originally Darja, but People always pronounce it wrong) and I come from the Country of Love – yes, from the only Country in the World with the Word “Love” in its Name – sLOVEnia.

Slovenia is a very nice, small and green Part of Central Europe, surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Only about 2 million People live there. But it is a really gorgeous Peace of Land, as you can go swimming and diving to the Adriatic Sea and you can do some amazing hiking in our breath-taking Mountains over 2000 m high in the very same Day. You can also decide for Fishing, Rafting and Canyoning on one of the cleanest Rivers or go rowing to one of the most beautiful Lakes. There is many Options also for discovering Caves, Parachuting, Flying, Bicycling or Horseback riding. If you are a Hedonist – you will be amazed by precious Slovenian Wines and delicious Foods of all Kinds.

Slovenian People are very hospitable and they say – Slovenian Girls are a true Beauties… Also Ljubljana is one of the most charming Capitals, where you will be able to enjoy a cultural Day and also party all Night long. I have been living there for more than half of my Life and you can believe all my Words!

I think I should stop describing my Country or I will start to cry as I have not been Home for almost 2 Years now – or better said – tropical Island Boracay has been my new Home for exactly magical 666 Days today… And why is that so? Simply, because the World kept calling me to discover it since I remember…

Idyllic Childhood

Already when I was a little Girl I said I will become a World Traveler when I grow up – and this is exactly what happened. I spent my Childhood in a very nice and loving Nest, just next to a wonderful disappearing Cerknica Lake in the middle of untouched Slovenian Countryside.


We really did not travel much with my Family – we mainly did some shopping Trips to Italy or Austria and frequently visited our Relatives all around Slovenia. But we have spent a Week or two on the lovely Slovenian or Croatian Coast every Summer (this means in July or August) during the School Holidays.

That was a Highlight of the Year for me and all my Family. Except the Winter Holidays (that was usually in February or March) when my sportive Father always took me Skiing for a Week to one of the best Slopes in the Country – Ski Centre Vogel.

And that is how my Obsession with Sports, Adrenaline and endless Travels begun…

Crazy Teens

I moved to the Capital when I was 15 Years old, as it was too far to ride a Bus from my little Hometown to the Secondary School daily. And I was not sad because of that – just opposite – I simply loved our Boarding School and always interesting Life there. I preferred to stay with my Friends also during the Weekends, but kept visiting my dear Parents – my Sister, Brother and Grandparents occasionally…

Independence is the Fuel of my Life! So it is not unusual that also my first bigger independent Journey happened at that Time – one Month in London, UK was absolutely amazing Experience for a Teenager. I madly fell in Love up there and was bitten and infected by the “Travel Bug” so bad, that there was no Way back…

During the Studies

I promise to describe all my crazy Stories from that Time once, but let me just mention now, that when you discover your Hometown, your Country and all the neighboring ones, you want to discover the next Continent. And so I hit the “Air” again at the end of my Studies and flew over the Ocean to drive the famous “Route 66” and to taste attractive American Dreams.

It was exactly in the Year 2001, during the infamous 9/11 Attack… We were there in the Living Room of our House, ten Students from all over the Globe living together in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, when the News about the Crash came out. We were completely frightened and so were the Americans – willing to fight the “Damn Talibans”… It was a bit funny, but not any more after seeing damaged Pentagon in Washington DC and the NYC’s WTC completely torn down and full of Smoke, also a Month after the “Accident”.

We bought a Car with my School Friend Margy and drove all over the United F* States of America. That was – believe me, absolutely spectacular 6 Months of my Life, worth a Movie…

First Employment

Following the “Life Rules”, I got employed at the biggest Event Management and Travel Company in Slovenia after my Graduation at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana and have been a good and very hard working Girl for another 5 Years.

I enjoyed creating Congresses, Conferences and special Events as an Event Manager at the elite Department very much and was very exited taking every chance to fly Abroad… And that happened quite often – many times it was for a Business Purpose and the other Time just  for my Pleasure.

So I had a Chance to discover, not only almost every Corner of Europe, but also charming Asia – Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, etc…

The Taste of Independence

Luckily I have got the Courage to open my own Event Management and Travel Company before I turned 30. I was accustomed to work all Days and Weekends long and I simply felt there is much more to experience, to discover and to achieve in Life.

I still did not have a Desire to create my own Family as I just had this huge Appetite to work on my Career and to travel all around the World – of course… I was operating in Slovenia only at first and managed to taste mysterious international Waters after some Time.

So I made my big Wish came true –  to combine Business and Pleasure and to spend at least a Month per Year somewhere as close to Equator as possible. And that is how I was able to spend 3 Months in the Latin America, 3 Months all around Indonesia, and 2 Months all around the exiting Philippines

Welcome to the Paradise

Yes, it was exactly after fabulous 7 Years of running my own Business when I finally arrived to the magical Boracay – and it happened almost by Coincidence, as majority of the best Things in Life do…

It must be something about these Fairy Tale Numbers, I am telling you, as my next burning Desire was to live somewhere in the 3rd World, on a perfect tropical Island – if possible 🙂 Thank You Universe! So I have found my dream Home right here in the Paradise – on one of the most beautiful  of all 7017 Philippine Islands… 


The original Plan was to stay here just for a symbolic 9 Months with my Partner, just to try how it goes… As all might seem so perfect at the beginning, but when you do it for real, your dream Paradise can turn into a painful Hell. But I can tell you, my dear Friends – Life rewards us richly when we dare to follow our Heart Desires and also Gods stand by the Side of Courageous!

My challenge Story turned out to be even more heavenly as I could ever dare to Dream… My Courage to walk along the Edge is being richly rewarded again. This is the reason why 9 Months have grown into the 666 unforgettable Days and still counting…

What about Now?

Yes, I do miss my dear Family and Friends occasionally, but the ones who really care, came to visit us. It was more than 100 of our beloved Souls having unforgettable Vacation on Boracay already and we are expecting new 100 of You in the near Future. Most of all I miss Skiing, but there are some awesome Slopes also – in Japan for example, waiting there for me to discover them…

I do not yearn to discover the World and travel in the Way I did before – as I have started to travel into my Soul. It might sound a Bit weird, but it is very true! This is a completely new Journey that I have discovered recently and am amazed by it over and over again…

The Depths within us are like the Depths of the Oceans. Try to sink and you will surely be charmed about that new, endless, wonderful World – hidden down there, waiting for you to admire it.

And my Message to all of you from my devilishly good Paradise is:

Be Divine – as You were Born to this World to Shine…

And You deserve nothing less – but The Best!


LOVE You, D.