Divine Management

was born on the magical Island of Boracay in the Philippines.

The Organisation has been established with the GOAL –

to make this World a better Place.


This is a very demanding Mission, we agree!

But if Everyone of us just tried to do our best possible Day in Day, Day out –

We all should TRiUMPH!

About Darya

World Traveller ☆ Divine Manager ☆ Yogi & More…


After her Graduation at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana – Slovenia,

Darya was working in the Event Management & Travel Industry for many Years.

As she loves Freedom, Exploring and Travelling,

she decided to create her own Business in 2006, which she upgraded gradually

and expanded her Operations to the amazing Philippines in 2013.

Incredibly strong Energies at the paradise tropical Island of Boracay,

where Darya spent her last 4 Years were gentle and rough enough

that guided her to the complete Rebirth of her Life.

She fell in love with Yoga & Meditation and became also a Divine Yoga Teacher there.

She does not teach Yoga only, but holistic Divine Life Guidance,

which is an eye-opening for anybody,

who has Desire to be fit, healthy, loved, happy and wealthy.

It is our Birth-right to have it all!


Divine Life Guidance

Start with your deepest Heart  Desire. Ask Yourself what is Your real Life PASSION –  for it is also Your Life MISSION!

Your inside World is the MIRROR of your outside World and as we get older – becomes progressively OBVIOUS!

Always and in all Circumstances be the BEST you can be and MIRACLES will start to happen!

Keep EXPANDING your HORIZON – invest in yourself, educate yourself and never stop!

If you are not able to control and LEAD your LIFE – your life will control and lead you.

Your MIND is very PRECIOUS – do not litter it with bad or negative Thoughts!

Every MOMENT is unique and fresh and gives us a new CHANCE!

Trust your FEELINGS – all the Answers are written within YOU!

Change the ROOTS – if you want to change the FRUITS!

Do not let Yesterday ruin your TODAY!

Your JOB must be your JOY!


Be the CREATOR of your LIFE –

no one else but you bears the Responsibility for it!

BREAKDOWN will always lead you to a BREAKTHROUGH!

BALANCED and healthy Lifestyle – is the KEY to your HAPPINESS!

Be LOYAL to yourself! Whenever you try to cheat yourself, you wither as a Person!

Whenever you THINK or TALK about others as well as yourself – let it be LOVING & NICE!

You are what you think, say or do – so always CHOOSE your BEST Thoughts, Words and Actions!

Stick to Things that make you really HAPPY! Work * People * Clothes * Food * Environment * Activities…

Concentrate on GOOD Things in your Life. That what is nurtured –  grows. That is how the LAW of ATTRACTION works!

Be GRATEFUL for all the little Pearls in your Life! Family & Friends * Health & Beauty * Sun, Water & Air * Food & Drinks * Smile & Love…


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Join us and become DIVINE as You were born to SHINE